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Welcome to One World is Enough

We are the online Fair Trade retailer that offers a great collection of Beautifully Designed yet Affordable Men’s, Women’s & Children’s Clothing plus an Interesting & Eclectic Collection of Crafts & Interiors to brighten up your home.

We do this by designing and sourcing our own collections of fairly traded clothes & crafts which are produced by our own network of fair trade producers from around the World.

We believe that by offering inspirational Clothes and Interiors in partnership with our producers we are enabling you to have confidence that you are buying a Fair Trade Item whose purchase is helping the producers and helping in a small way to make the World a fairer place.

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We believe that your clothes should express your personality and your values.
We believe that your clothes should be beautiful yet easy to wear. We design invidualistic clothes that are made in small runs, some items are completely unique.
We design and source our own collection of Fair Trade Mens, Ladies & Childrens Clothes from our network of small scale producers in India, Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand.
We use local fabrics and materials, which are printed using traditional printing methods and dyeing techniques.
We then give our clothes a contemporary western cut to create a fusion of East meets West.
Take a wander through our latest collection, but remember that our clothes are made in small runs and sell quickly.
We bring out new designs every month so there is always something new and exciting!

One World at Home is for those Individuals who want their house to be different, for those who want their houses filled with beautiful handcrafted fair trade articles.
We are treasure hunters, we travel around the world to find the best and most interesting and of course most stylish things.

We have Fairly Traded Home Furnishings including Hand Embroidered Cushion Covers from the Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand, Handmade Paper from Kathmandu, Hand Carved Animals from Bali, Hand Painted Mobiles of Colourful Tropical Fish and much much more.

And for your garden to balance your Feng Sheui we have wonderful coconut and Bamboo Windchimes, guarenteed to make your stress evaporate like the morning dew plus colourful prayer flags to give your garden a karmic boost!

We are treasure hunters, we travel the world to find these wonderful artists making beautiful things

All our art is Fair Traded so you can be sure that the talented artists that we work with are getting a fair deal for their work.

We have amazing Buddhist Thangka Paintings, Beautiful Indian Silk Paintings, Wonderful Antique Embroidered Wallhangings from Rajasthan, Golden Buddhas from Thailand, Handcarved masks inspired by the Dayak People of Borneo, Tibetan Singing Bowls, beautiful embroidery and artefacts from the Hilltribes of Northern Thailand/ Burma and much more.

As all our Art is handmade we have only one of each item and when its gone, it’s gone – so if you like something you have to be quick!

We have a wonderful range of Fair Trade Musical Instruments, they are hand made by our lovely Fair Trade Instrument makers in Bali, Indonesia.

They use natural materials as much as possible so in addition to being fair trade our instruments have a very low environmental footprint.

We have a wide range of hand percussion from Wooden Egg Shakers to Coconut Maracas to Balinese Nut Shakers. Browse our range of hand carved Djembes, Thumb Pianos and Incredible Thunder Drums.

They are all made to a very high standard and sound great, we have all you need to create your own percussion band so go on let out your inner musician!

Incense is widely burnt all over Asia and forms an important part of any important occasion or ceremony.

Our Incenses work in a similar way to Aromatherapy and have a very calming effect and is therfore used to relax the mind during meditation.

We specialise in Traditional Thai, Tibetan and Bhutanese Incense. As with all our products we source them directly from our network of fair trade producers. All our incense is handmade using traditional methods and Natural Ingredients.

The Inspirational Traveller

Over the years so many people have asked us about the places that we travel to, where to go, what to see, where to stay, where to eat, how to get there, how to get around, so in response we have created ‘ The Inspirational Traveller’ a Curated Travel Guide to some of the World’s more Interesting, Unusual & Adventurous places.

Let us inspire you to travel the road less travelled. Let us share our knowledge, we have lots of useful information, tips and insights as we only write about the places that we have visited. So make us your first stop when you are planing a trip, let us inspire you, let us advise you when to go, how to go, where to go & where to stay. Let us share with you 20 years of travellers knowledge. 

We are constantly adding new destinations, so keep checking in to see whats new. So step on in, the adventure starts here!