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We have just started a new travel site it’s called the Inspirational Traveller; it’s a Curated Travel Guide to some of the World’s more Interesting, Unusual & Adventurous places.

This has been inspired by my travels over the last 20 years visiting our producers around South East Asia.  I was thinking of all the information that was inside my head and how information is the difference between feeling completely lost and alone to feeling confident and happy.  So I’ve created a personal take on the places we’ve visited, it’s not just a travel story , it’s full of useful information but it’s not just a list of places and hotels, there is our recommendations.  Otherwise just a list of places can be overwhelming, where do you start, what about the intangibles, two places might look nice in the photos, but one has inattentive surly staff but the others are really helpful and friendly.  One might look beautiful but be next to a busy road whilst the other is serene and peaceful.  We know because we’ve been there!

So Let us inspire you to travel the road less travelled.  Let us share our knowledge, we have lots of useful information, tips and insights as we only write about the places that we have visited.  

Make us your first stop when you are planing a trip;  let us inspire you,  let us advise you when to go, how to go, where to go & where to stay.  Let us share with you 20 years of travellers knowledge. 

We are constantly adding new destinations, so keep checking in to see whats new.  Spread the word as word of mouth is always the best recommendation.

So step on in, the adventure starts here!

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