Our CoVid 19 Response

We have thought long and hard about our response to this dreadful virus and have reached the conclusion that we will remain open for long as we are able.

As an online store we do not physically meet our customers, so for as long as we have sufficient staff and for as long as the post office collects our orders then we will be able to send you our beautiful fair trade clothes & crafts.

Whilst we are not an essential service in terms of keeping the country going ( although we do try and keep our customers spirits up!), we do have many artisans in Asia who rely on us for their income and they need us now more than ever.  

While in no way trying to minimise the grave situation in the United Kingdom, we do have a fabulous health service which is free at the point of delivery.  Most countries do not, especially poor developing countries. Where facilities do exist the poor do not have the money to access them.

It is hard to know exactly how bad things are in the countries that we work in.  India is in complete lockdown, Nepal has closed it’s borders, Indonesia and Laos claim to have very few cases but nobody believes them.  Our producers have begun self isolating.

We are sending them our love and thoughts but what we really want to do is to keep them in work, so please keep buying from us so that we can buy from them.

Stay safe and look after those you love.

Much Love,

Peter Harlow


One World is Enough

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